Singing the South

'Singing the South' was produced as a staged event in Kiama Pavilion in February 2010 assisted by a grant from Kiama Council Arts Board.

Circumstances of time and distance and busy lives have meant a change in the instrumental line-up for this CD but the line-up for live performances and for the Historical Record DVD available at Kiama Library includes instrumentals from John Spillane, Bob Mclnnes. Live performances also include wry narration and images, many of which are historic and were sourced at Kiama Library and the Pilot's Cottage Museum in Kiama.

Michael Roberts did the arrangements, much of the accompaniment and the production of the CD and is acknowledged for his considerable talents and invaluable contribution.

Glenn Santry of 'HeartBeat Stuio' Penshurst mixed and mastered the CD.

View Singing the South Songbook here!

PLW_Album-Cover_Singing the South

Writer’s Note:

‘The singers, musicians on that concert and the producer have helped the songs to grow. I am grateful for their contribution. My hope is that other songwriters will search out topics from their local sources and broaden their songwriting base as they help ‘sing’ the Australian Experience.

There is a Companion Songbook available which contains Lyrics and Notation for the songs of this CD.’


All lyrics and tunes are Phyl Lobl compositions except the tune for 'Daisy' which is a parody of a song by Harry Dacre.

Singers: Phyl Lobl, Shayna Stewart, John Broomhall and Alan Morrison
Extra Voices on Track No.9 - Blue Metal Worker: John Spillane, Bob Mclnnes, Stuart Leslie
Cameo Guest Artist: Marget Roadknight
Producer & Arranger: Michael Roberts

Guitars: (Elec / Acous / Bass) / Mandolin / Uke / Banjo / Accord / Harmonica / Keyboard / Drums & Percussion:
Michael Roberts
Fiddle: George Washingmachine
Flute / Whistle: Chris Wheeler
Concertina / Melodeon: Stuart Leslie

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