Bronzewing a re-issue of earlier recordings by Phyl Lobl in gratitude for the giving, the loving, but primarily 'the being', this CD is a tribute to Geri Lobl who in the main directed / produced / engineered and at times accompanied these works.

Dark-Eyed Daughter EP On My selection LP Broadmeadow Thistle LP

The decision to put this material on CD was two-fold. I want these to be a public form of recognition that pays tribute to Geri's skills, involvement and commitment which enabled the original discs to be. As the main performer I got the publicity and the photos. But no-one is an island and this looks lopsided to me now. His influence and skills as critic, were invaluable as was his loyalty and interest in my performing. You don't stop loving someone just because death has occurred and after watching his incredible attitude and fortitude in the face of the traumas he had to endure, my love and respect which since meeting him was always the most important thing in my life, became magnified many times. Other reasons are that people have asked for a CD, the songs are still relevant and not many people still have the equipment to play LP's.

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Named from this excerpt from The Australian Language by Sidney Baker: ‘Silvertail … a social – climber or society figure, contrasted with Coppertail or BRONZEWING which denote a Proletarian and refers to the Bronzewing Pigeon formerly found in large numbers in Australia.’


The original recordings have been kept 'as was' except for some omissions needed because of time restraints.

This CD mastered by Michael Roberts, Musycks Productions.

Cover Artwork: Bev Bruen from the songbook cover 'Songs of a Bronzwing'
CD Booklet Design: Louiville Graphics

Dark-Eyed Daughter

Dark-Eyed Daughter – View Song Details

Whose Hand? – View Song Details

No More Boomerang – View Song Details

Will You Fight, Will You Dare? – View Song Details

On My Selection

Weevils in The Flour – View Song Details

Sometime Loving – View Song Details

No Many Fish in The Harbour Today – View Song Details

Girls in Our Town – View Song Details

In Terms of Time and Place – View Song Details

The First Fair Wind – View Song Details

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – View Song Details

Broadmeadow Thistle

City Streets – View Song Details

Newsboy – View Song Details 

Jimmy Blacktown – View Song Details 

Lament for Chile – View Song Details 

Losing Lady – View Song Details

Woodturner’s Love Song – View Song Details

Broadmeadow Thistle – View Song Details

Old Sydney Town – View Song Details

Seasons of War – View Song Details

Love is Like a Swallow – View Song Details

Past Carin – View Song Details

Find the Sun – View Song Details