Then & NOW - A Bass Strait Crossing

These songs came out of a request by the Community Arts Network in Tasmania in 1988 for a songwriter to accompany a researcher, Ann Collins, and a Tasmanian poet, Sarah Day, to parts of the East and West Coast of Tasmania to talk to women of varying ages and experience about their lives. The ages ranged from 15 to over 80. Two visits of three weeks each resulted in these songs being written, taken back to the communities for approval and any necessary revision, and then recorded in a very basic format.

Some of the songs have been re-recorded to a higher standard and are included here on the Alcyone album. "Shannon Rise" was written after the return visit and the first recording because of a comment from someone who came to hear the original songs.

The project was supported by the Australia Council, the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board and the Tasmanian Arts Council.



Song with * are part of the Then & NOW project but have already been re-recorded to a higher standard and are included in the Alcyone album.

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