Multiplication is No Complication - Rap it Up

by Phyl Lobl

If multiplication gives you trouble,
Don't despair but learn to double.
Double 1 X (times) get X (times) 2.
It's really easy for you to do.

Double 2 X (times) and get X (times)4.
Are you ready for some more?
Double 4 X (times) you'll have X (times) 8,
As far as we'll go with this doubling rate.

10 X (times) is the easiest. You don't have to double.
Just add 0 (nought). That's no trouble.
11 X (times) is really 10 X (times) plus the multiplying number,
So that's no fuss.

5 X (times) is easy, ends in 5 or a 0 (naught)
Half of the tens number, it's easily taught.

9 X (times) is simple, but takes you higher,
Just 10 X (times) minus the multiplier.

So what can you do now
1, 2, 4, and 8,
9, 10, 5 and 11,
That's pretty good mate.

Let's move on and look at X (times) 3
You have 3 X (times)
1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 5 and 11
That leaves 3 X 3 and 3 X 7

2 X (time) plus once of the multiplier will get those.
You've got this table game by the nose.
I bet you thought I'd forgotten six?
Well I hadn't, so here's a few more doubling tricks.

Double 3 X (times) you'll get X (times) 6
That gets us out of that little fix.
Double X (times) 6 and you'll have X (times) 12.
I bet you saw that for yourself.

7 X (times) well that table is number heaven.
You only have to memorise 7 X 7
6 X 7 is 42 add another 7 all will be fine,
7 X 7 is 49

Now you've finished, you've done the rest.
Try things out, do a little test.
Hear the numbers, by halves go back.
Then double up and you'll be on track.

6 X 8 think 6 X 4
If that doesn't come, think back more.
6 X 2. You know that's 12
6 X 4. Now fill in for yourself.

I bet you knew that without thinking more
That 6 X 4 was 24.
6 X 8 will fill the plate
Bet you got it, 48.

Be brave now and try another
Then go out now and show your mother.
Show your grandpa, show your aunt ,
When it comes to tables, never say can't .
Just before you go to sleep,
Try it again instead of counting sheep.