Phyl Lobl


Verse - various

This poem grew from recognising the ways in which different species of birds demonstrate creativity. Birds build nests using skills of weaving and clay modelling, build structures to house collections of Bower Bird treasures. They entertain through dance and song. Many species add to their repertoire of heard sounds by composing and adding new music patterns.

This poem’s structure was influenced by the rhythm patterns of the Haydn / Hoffstetter Serenade for Strings Opus 3, no. 5

Serenade to Arts

By Phyl Lobl 2019

Arts and artistry a priceless treasury;

They are children born of love, pain and memory. 

On wings of hope and thought, their joys come to me.

Displays of sound and colour they can steer me
Away from chains of grief and out of darkest misery.

Arts and artistry they surely carry me

With colour and feeling played as sweet melody.

Weavings of rhythm, word and rhyme, they capture me.
Art transcends bonds of humanity, unlocks minds and sets us free.

A human legacy that can help us see,

A better way, yes, a better way, that we can be,

Everyone can be part of the human family.

When the world has soured rocky roads we climb. 

Arts they lift us far beyond the aching stretch of time,

And though we cannot fly, we can reach for the sky.

In the ‘web of life’ we’re caught

With art an escape that can be sought.

Making art, however simple, is a joy that can’t be bought.

From muscle and eye, turned or trained to mould

Sound or movement, thread or colour, muted, misted, bold,

Brain and body give their energy, becoming ‘souled’.

Feathered muses were the first to find the key, 

Feathered muses were the first with artistry, 

The Arts their legacy, a priceless treasury.

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