Swimming Song

In this country that is 'girt by sea' every school has a Swimming Sports Day. Competition is fierce between teams usually sporting the basic colours. This song helps spur the swimmers.


Words: Phyl Lobl, shop March 1996

Backstroke, breaststroke butterfly or crawl,
Can you do one or two can you do them all?
Splash Walk or Dogpaddle across the pool,
Everyone is training for the carnival.

Come on, come on, come into the water,
Don't be slow cause don't you know.
Everybody aught to learn to swim like a fish,
Splash Splash Swish Swish.

Swallow,Triple Twist or a Double Pike,
Do a noisy belly flop if you like.
But get in the water, swim for your team,
Everyone is needed to realise the dream.

Colours fly red, yellow, green or blue,
Everybody's yelling, they're yelling for you.
Keep on going though your lungs are sore,
This time you might change the score.