Woodturner's Love Song

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Back Story
This song was written in the early seventies. I wanted to write a song about industrial realities for wood-turners.

I interviewed a woodturner Neil Bollingmoore and it became a love song when he spoke so lovingly about wood that I wrote a love song about someone who had much love to give but was shy and un-sure.

Some years later he rang and asked for the song as he was getting married. A few (too few) years after that his widow rang and wanted the song again to play at his funeral.

Some years later I asked an instrument maker (ROCKY CREEK STRINGS) to make me an all wooden Banjolele made of those woods. I added a verse. I also now repeat the last line of each verse.

The song has featured on Woodturning websites and has also been recorded by a Canadian folk group 'Four Strong Winds'.