Kiama Lullaby

Lobl © 2009

Music education begins in the womb, so does language, as does security. Singing lullabies, saying rhymes and speaking in close tones are positive actions all parents can take and continuing this practice after birth is even better. I’ve long lectured and been interviewed on this topic.


Hush-a-bye Ki-ama baby,
Sleep will help you grow strong,
Lullaby little baby,
You won’t be a baby for long.

Waves on the beach keep rolling,
All through the day and the night.
Lighthouse shines from the headland,
Giving four flashes of white,*
Daddy (Mummy) will come from the workplace.
On roadway or railway track,
I’ll be so happy to see him. (her)
He (she) can sing to you when he (she) gets back.

You should sleep little baby,
You’re not the waves or the light.
You have to close your eyes now,
And stay fast asleep through the night.
I love you my Kiama baby,
Although much sleep I have lost.
In case this lullaby fails me,
My toes and my fingers are crossed.

Whales and seals in the ocean,
Play when the morning shines through.
You can play then little darlin’,
But now sleeping is what you should do.
I want you to sleep soon baby,
A good mother’s (father’s watch) I will keep.
But if you don’t close your eyes soon,
I’ll be the one that’s asleep.