4 Beat Song

Ludwig will show you how he keeps the beat of a song where the beats have been measured into groups of Four.

Ludwig’s baton makes a Square shape in the air.
He lowers his arms on the first beat of each bar.

Many pieces of music use a 4 Beat Pattern.
It is the most often used beat pattern used in music.
Another word for ‘most often used’ is common.

Here is the audio track for the 4 Beat Song.

Watch Ludwig conducting the 4 Beat Song.

Play Video

Time Signature

4 =


conducting patterns

4 = 


1 Beat  = walk = 1/4 note or crotchet

Ludwig’s 4 Beat Song


PLW_PSS_P2S6_4 Beat-Song-Notation

Exercise / Activity

  1. Copy Ludwig’s action of conducting a 4 beat song.
  2. Listen to the song several times and join in the singing as you conduct the song.
  3. When you listen to the tracks on the LISTENING LIST in THE EXTENSIONS try and recognise another 4 beat song.