Meter Patterns

Composers are people who create music.
Sometimes the music they compose is too long for people’s minds to remember so composers write down their music. 

Music written down is called Notation.

Musicians enjoy to make and play music together as a group.
Sometimes but not always, they use notation to know what sounds to play.
Groups often use another musician called a Conductor to help them.

Because music rhythm is made up of ‘beats’ the Conductor   

  1. Sets ‘the beat’
  2. Keeps the beat
  3. Follows Composer’s Instructions

Composer Instructions tell players when music should be: 

  • loud or soft
  • fast or slow

The conductor sets the pulse beat and the meter pattern by using an accent beat.

Ludwig Van Elephant

Here is the conductor for ‘NOT JUST NOISE’ musicians.
His name is Ludwig Van Elephant.


Meter Beater

Another name for a Conductor could be a Meter Beater.

Conductors have a baton which they wave through the air. 
If the music is measured into 2’s (groups of 2 beats) conductors move the baton through the air in a shape.
Like showing below.

If the music is measured into 3’s (groups of 3 beats ) conductors move the baton through the air in a Triangle shape.
Like showing below.


If the music is measured into 4’s (groups of 4 beats) conductors could move the baton through the air in a Square shape.
Like showing below.


Line patterns can be bent into Conducting Patterns.
Like showing below.