Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Have you heard the sound of a Yellow Monday,
Goes to work on a sunny Sunday?

Sitting in a tall tree all day long,
Singing his Summer loving song,
Saying come on baby, baby, b-baby come on.

Have you heard the sound of a green Greengrocer,
Sounding like a mini-bulldozer?

Have you heard the sound of the Floury Baker,
He's a super dooper noise maker?

Have you heard the Double Drummer drumming,
Tymbal tympani he sets humming?

Have you heard the Black Prince serenading,
When you are out promenading?

After years underground,
Working up an appetite for making sound,
When the temperature starts to rise,
Cicada music fills our skies,
But for a bird they're musical meat pies.