The Rubbish Song

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

I had a talk the other day
To the bread roll man just after play.
He said I can't really stay
This is such a dirty school.

Bits of paper, bits of meat
All the things that you don't eat
Do you want them sticking to your feet
When you walk around the school?

Now bread-roll men see lots of schools,
Bread-roll men know the rules,
They think all you kids are fools, (insert name of school)
To have such a dirty school.

Rubbish left is food for a fly,
A terrible sight for passersby,
They will quickly close their eye,
When they come around your school. (insert name of school)

You know flies are not too clean,
They'll hang around your school canteen.
They'll stop wherever you have been
If you've left your scraps behind.

So walk right up to that galvanized tin.
Rubbish belongs in a rubbish bin
Lift the lid up and put it in,
And you'll have a tidy school.