Luigi's Lament

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Me name is Luigi I'm one of your migrants,
I run the take-away on the main street,
I'll have to go back to the factory floor now,
To pay back the bank and get up on me feet.

Cause Ronald McDonald has taken my customers,,
Everyone wants a plastic Big Mac
Nobody wants a plain Aussie burger,
I'm closin' the door and I'm turnin' me back.

Maria's brown eyes are red from the onions,
Young Giovanni peels spuds after school.
Mama come out here when Poppa passed over,
She thinks I'm a-rich and-a nobody's fool… But

I was doin' okay just payin' the mortgage,
When the big yellow M took the view,
Fake marble and flowers of plastic are out now,
They'd rather fake wood and fake wrought iron too.

Well maybe me taste isn't all that it should be,
Take-away food isn't Vitamin packed,
But the stuff from the Colonel and Ron isn't either,
Just slicker and smarter and Yankee-land backed.