The Fight at Eureka Stockade

Henry Lawson/Royston Nicholas - adapted by Phyl Lobl

I have had a long association with Henry Lawson poems. I see him as more of a lyricist than a poet. I call him the songwriter without a guitar and have conducted numerous workshops on what I now call ‘Mopdocos’(Music Of People Docos) on his and his mother's work. I have given many of his poems tunes but as yet haven't recorded more than 'Past Carin'' on BROADMEADOW THISTLE. Many of the tunes, however, are in Chris Kempster's fine collection of Lawson's Songs. This song is an adaptation of a longer Lawson poem by Royston Nicholas to which I was cheeky enough to add a verse because Lalor and Carboni did not get a mention and I wanted to make the history more complete for the kids I was teaching. That is verse 4.