Creating a Rhythm Patch

Music contains patches of rhythm.
Rhythm Patches are created by joining movement patterns.
Rhythm patches can be used to create music and songs.

Activity / Exercise 1

Finish drawing the movement patterns lines that have been used to make the beginning of these songs which you probably know.


Activity / Exercise 2

Read these lines:

1.  Here is a movement line pattern of 4 beats.


2. Here is another pattern of 4 beats.


3. Here they are bent into 2 squares of a 4 beat conducting pattern.

4. Here are are some words that can match the syllables of the movement words.
Line pattern  1:
Line pattern  2:

Starting a Rhythms Patch with Words 

Sometimes you can create a rhythm patch by starting with words.
Then drawing the movements the words suggest.
Here are two lines of words you could add to the first two lines.
Draw their movement lines.

Activity / Exercise 3

Your turn to try. The time signature is


1. Draw a line pattern of 4 beats.

2. Add another line pattern of 4 beats.

3. Draw them bent into 2 patterns of 4 beats each (squares).

4. Think of words that use the same patterns of syllables. 

Activity / Exercise 4

This action is for adventurous thinkers.
Watch Part 2 Session 10 to give you a clue.

With a Time Signature of 4/4 try and draw the note- faces that a composer would use for notation.
You could re-write the words and draw the note-faces underneath the words.

  • Think which note will be worth 1 beat or walk?
  • If you used jogg-ing as a movement, think which 2 shorter notes would be used for jogg-ing?
  • If you used juu-mmp as a movement, think of which longer note a composer would use?