Listening List

AIM: A list of suggested tracks to be found online to encourage movement. 
To also extend imagination, musical memory and musical vocabulary. 


Listen and move your body or a part of your body to fit with the music.
Pretend to be the Conductor and conduct the music.


  1. Listen to below music videos, if you enjoyed the music give it a YES by ticking the box below it.
  2. If you didn’t like it at all, select NO instead.
  3. If you liked it in some way, choose OK.
  4. Write down which part of your body moved while listening to each music.
Little Red Engine

(Tempo Changes)

Johann Strauss Redetzky March

(Meter 4 Beats)

All God’s Creatures Got a Place

(High & Low pitch)

Rimsky Korsakov – Flight of The Bumblebee


Saint Saens – Carnival of The Animals – Fossils


Johann Sebastian – Bach Minuet in G 


Ludwig Van – Beethoven Song of (Ode to) Joy



Camille Saint-Saens – Flamingos Carnival of The Animals