Not Just Noise (Original)

with LUDWIG and his Musical Company
by Phyl Lobl
Illustrations by Jan D'Silva based on original concepts and drawings by Phyl Lobl

Dedicated to the children of the Partially - Sighted Units at Tempe and Connell's Point Primary Scholls 1973/74 without whom the need for Ludwig and Company may not have become apparent, and also to Tully, our musical dog, who lent me his alter-ego, Joe-The-Bark.

Special remarks of gratitude are due to:

Janie Millar for making the models that brought Ludwig and Company 'almost alive.

Jan d' Silva for interpreting my drawings and the models so delightfully in the illustrations.

Julie Spithill and Margaret Donaldson for advice on the musical and educational aspects of the programme.

Meg Post for wise counsel.

Geri Lobl for being, as always my good two friends.



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