Billy Song

During my time at Undercliffe Public School an effort was made to use the Bilby as the Egg-bearer at Easter.This song was written to aid that process of changing the established cult of the Rabbit and with the hope of helping to reverse the danger of extinction of the Bilby.


Words: Phyl Lobl, shop March 1996

When the harvest time is done,
Moon will share the sky with sun,
Then the Bilby makes a run,
With sweet surprise for everyone. Flash of white,
Bilby’s on the way.

Flash of white,
Bilby’s on the way,
In the light,
See a splash of pink and grey,
On Easter Day.

Eggs all coloured opal bright,
Bilby makes them fit just right,
In the Tucker Bag at night,
To be a morning’s shared delight.

Ritual and care can bring,
New life to a dying thing.
Hope is like a sign of Spring,
That blooms when all the children sing.