To the following for being of valued influence.

First & Formost

To the late Geri Lobl for his constant support in life and in memory.

For personal support of people past and present

Gwenda Davey, Wayne Richmond, Michael Roberts, Margret RoadKnight, Graham Seal, Barbara Stacey and Jill Stubington.

For folk lore influence

Glen Tomasetti, Wendy Lowenstein, Shirley Andrews, Keith McKenry & Warren Fahey. The Bush Music Clubs made up of mainly left wing people who gave many hours of effort to the task of collecting, collating and sharing the songs and other materials that are our Folk Heritage. The singers and musicians who shared song and spirit. the Folk Club and Festival organisers and the hundreds of volunteers who run them. It is indeed a wonderful thing to be part of a movement that has given and gives much to Australia’s sense of its experience.


There have been many musicians and singers to whom I am grateful for their work on each album and on the later tracks. If they are not already identified they will be.

For past music book publication

Kerry Hudson & CCH.

Illustrations used on covers and on this site


Bob Bolton, Geri Lobl, Dermott Ryder, Jennie Tsewang, Maryanne Rooney. Southern Exposure and Fred Adler for the homepage photo.

Recording of material

Michael Roberts of Musyks Productions

Website Production

Website designed and built by Peony Nancarrow Creative Design 

'Not Just Noise' Plainspeak Sessions

The content of the ‘NOT JUST NOISE’ PLAINSPEAK SESSIONS – PART 1 & PART 2 owes much to the skills and enthusiasm of:

Peony Nancarrow of Peony Nancarrow Creative Design for web-design, graphic art, and concept ideas.
Ethan Kane Of ETK Productions for character design, iIllustration, audio, animation & voice acting.

Special thanks

Simon Mawer and Reunion ex-students from Undercliffe Primary School for the encouragement to not give up on a website. To all past students.