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This EP recording was made in 1968 for the Aboriginal Advancement League of Victoria. All proceeds went to the League. The Director Stan Davey and Pastor Doug Nicholls were instrumental in organising the recording with W&G and for the distribution of the disc. At that time Stan Davey wrote this for the cover notes of the EP.




'The 1967 referendum in which 90% of the Australian Community voted in favour of deleting sections of the Constitution discriminating against Aborigines showed goodwill. To enable Aborigines to become independent, self-reliant people this goodwill must be translated into active and positive attitudes. Together we must build a nation where dark and white live in harmony with growing understanding and respect for one another, mutually contributing to the enrichment of our Commonwealth. This is the challenge of these songs and of the present day Aboriginal advancement movement.'


This is still the challenge but now many aboriginal people show us the value of their culture, they show us the meaning of resilience, they show us the way ahead, they show us how to forgive, they show us their worth.
However the journey for too many of our First People is still hard and slow. When I see the positive stories that do emerge I feel vindicated but humbled by their willingness to accept and continue the struggle. In this new era of recognition there is still a need for deeper more positive acceptance of responsibility by us all to give value to their existence and to be of assistance. I ask if anyone finds the material on this site to be useful, and are grateful, that they make a donation to an Australian indigenous project or organization.

Cover Design: David Cullinane / Photograph: Albert Brown
Accompaniment: Guitar: Phyl Vinnicombe / Autoharp: Geri Lobl / Double Bass: Steve Dunstan: Didgeridoo: John Matthews.

1 Dark-Eyed Daughter
2 Whose hand?
3 No more boomerang
4 Will you fight will you dare?
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