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One topic that linked the women of the West Coast and the East Coast was the problem of alcohol. The advertising outside and inside pubs use the name "Jimmy" for strong drink and personify beer as a mate who can perform great tricks. "Jimmy is waiting inside", "Jimmy can make fish leave water", "Three cheers for Jimmy, he can make toes open and shut".

The "Under the Dog Act" was an Act of Parliament used last century to permit innkeepers to report over consumption to police. Wives used to ask for it to be used on drunken husbands.

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Shout for Jimmy

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Jimmy, you're no friend of mine,
Because of you I am blue, black and blue,
Yes I'm blue, black and blue all the time.

You in the glasses and tinnies and kegs,
You twist up his mind as you plait up his legs,
Hey Jimmy etc....

You can make fish leave the water they say,
You've made a fish out of my man and hey,
Hey Jimmy etc....

Shout, shout for Jimmy the adverts all say
He's shouted so often they've drunk all the pay.
Hey Jimmy etc....

Three cheers for Jimmy they say "Give a shout",
It's no cheer for me when my man lashes out.
Hey Jimmy etc....

I know I could leave but I've no where to go,
I stay and pretend so that no one will know. Ohhh,
Hey Jimmy etc....

The "Under the Dog Act" was used in the past,
Some how I feel the old ways seem best.
Hey Jimmy etc....



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