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Canon for a Corrugated Tin Roof

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

For most inhabitants on the West Coast its not the rain but vistors' eternal comments about it that give annoyance.

Wet rain, dry rain, I think my rain,
Is much better than the rain you've got
Dry rain, wet rain, there's not yet been,
A better, wetter, gutter filler, over spiller spot.

Send her down Hughie y'can hear them cry,
In the West Coast towns as clouds fly by.

Warm rain, cold rain, I've been told rain,
Won't hurt you if you smile a lot.
Cold rain, warm rain, our best storm rain
Never ever let us get our knickers in a knot.

On the West Coast, we can best boast,
What a high water level we can bear,
Keep your rain hats, its quite plain that
We like hypnotic and aquatic music in our ear.

Send her down Hughie.

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