Phyl Lobl



A poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes.
In English typically having ten syllables per line such as iambic pentameter.
A rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG, and a final conclusion asking the audience to pay close attention in the final couplet.

Love Passed

By Phyl Lobl

You’ve gone, and years have passed as years they do
on calendar’s impassive blocks of time.
If in my mind sweet memories of you
turn clock-time back, is that a mental crime?
‘Do not look back’ I heard my Mother say.
She knew such grief and worse than is my share.
I do look back to where my comfort lay.
I loved, and I was loved, and I still care
to think upon the times where ‘joy was king’.
The open sea, a boat with sail unfurled.
So many songs to write and play and sing.
We were united, facing winds and world.

Alas such joy is never meant to last.
Age comes, and far too soon the past has passed.


By Phyl Lobl

It always leaves a shadow in the mind.
It breaks into the hearts of all who serve.
It’s war that is the scourge of human-kind.
Fought by armies Regular or Reserve.
Trouble in a garden long times past,
Was said to be an action known as sin.
Two people, snake and apple were the cast.
Religion claims that was the origin
Of Hell on Earth and mankind’s deadly shame,
And all the horrors wrought under the sun.
Not so, they know who fight in freedom’s name,
That Hell dwells in the barrel of a gun.

Ask the survivors with the shooters dead.
Ask those who grieve because of bullet lead.

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