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 Two young women one from the East one from the West of Tassie had a similar experience of giving in to passion. Both showed admirable honesty and spirit. Both suffered the frustration of being unable to move from the pigeonhole their towns put them in.


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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Living in my pigeonhole of small town population
Having little chance of successful graduation
Sometimes I get itchy and feel like lashing out
One day it got the best of me, I gave someone a clout

But *there’ll never be a prize for knocking the incisor
Out of the mouth of the prettiest girl in town.

Me Mum was born of working stock, me dad a carefree drifter
I was born a solid lass a regular 'fair lifter'
It made me mad to see at school they only cared for toffs
I reacted badly and played up to get the laughs

I drank in pubs before I should I played the roulette game
A baby when you're bare fifteen won't improve your name
I proudly wear my gum boots black and built to last
I’m not ashamed of bein' in the mould that I was cast

I bore the taunts of several girls who traded on their beauty
One day one of them was bein' par-tic-u-lar-ly snooty
Yes I know I made a fist, I gave a bunch of fives
Delivered with ferocity, veracity and drive

I am not a demon who is reckless wild and ruthless
T'was never my intention to render her front-tooth-less
I just had to make a point I had to have my say
It was devilish unfortunate the tooth got in the way

Now I do my shopping at the other end of town
There's people who won’t talk to me they pass me with a frown
I know I'll have to pay for the recklessness of youth
But a lifetime of blackballing is a high price for a tooth

*Last verse substitute 'No'



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