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In Savage River, Tasmania, the brick neighbourhood house was a meeting place that offered many kinds of support . It was perhaps the only building not made of material containing asbestos. The colour of the miner's hats denoted their place in the pecking order.


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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Savage River end of the line,
Mining town with an open cut mine,
Don't mean to whinge don't mean to whine,
But you'll be the death of me, without a ….

Neighbourhood house with no asbestos,
Island in a fibro sea,
Neighbourhood house what you do best is,
Being there to listen to me.

Ground moles green hats drilling the pit,
Mill rats red hats, flushing the grit,
Shiftwork helping marriages split,
It could be the death of me, without a ….

Pickands Mather what do you care,
Clevland Cliffs are you doing your share,
You get the ore, we breathe the air,
That could be the death of me,
Give me a ……



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