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In Tasmania Lake Pedder was drowned. The Shannon River was altered which changed the life pattern of a moth that used to breed at a certain time and cause the trout to 'rise'. The Cataract Gorge was at one time also threatened to be made a into power source a Tasmanian woman asked me to write about these three places. The second music file is from the choir 'Ecopella', from their CD 'Songs In the Key of Green', with a beautiful multi-part harmony by Miguel Heatwole, a great contrast to my solo acappella version.

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And the version by Ecopella, an environmental choir that sings about the beauty of our world and the struggle to protect it from exploitation and destruction.

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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

River light, moths in flight,
Trout rise swiftly to the bite,
Sky of drifting diamonds fades away,
Stolen by the power brokers' play.

The Shannon Rise will rise no more,
A beach lies drowned off Pedder's shore,
The tumbling gorge with its constant roar,
Drives a warning sound to the ground.

Mountain light, sunshine bright,
Curve of sand held in my sight,
Blushing pearl now fifty fathoms deep,
The favoured jewel we weren't allowed to keep,

Tumbling light, foaming bright,
Waterfall of endless flight,
Thundering its message loud and long,
Wilderness is wonderful be strong.




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