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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Out of the bush when the day is done,
Comes the wallaby Bocobble Bon*,
See her hop see, see her leap, see her jump so high,
With a curtain of dusk, she’s covered up the sky.

Bye-shush-a-bye-bye, loo-la-la-loo,
She’s carrying a pocket full of dreams for you
Lay your head on the pillow and then you will follow
The dream that the Bocobble Bon brings you.

She’s polished the stars of the cross and the moon
And she’s told Sooty Mopoke 'Start singing soon'.
So come little one ** for its your turn to find
A Bocobble dream you can wear in your mind.

Her work now is done and its time she was gone
Wear a smile in your sleep now for Bocobble Bon
You will sleep through the night with the dream in your head.
Till the sun in the morning pulls you from your bed.

(*Bocobble is an Aboriginal word meaning jumping.
** Insert child’s name.)



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