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The Sidling is the steep hill or spur that you have to negotiate to get out of Scottsdale in Tasmania. When I asked one travelled local person what she would write about if she was writing a song she said."Tell them there is a world beyond the Sidling". This is important advice because homesickness often brought an end to the education of young people obliged to live away in order to finish high school. In a local history book I read about cures recommended for homesickness. One such cure mentioned in the song was to tie a crust of homebaked bread around your neck. Underlying this song are thoughts about parenting and that the opposite of love is fear. There are some adjustments to the words printed here that don't match the recording. If I ever make a new recording I'd use the changes.

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Beyond the Siding

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

There's a world beyond the Siding where stringy barks grow high.
And winds have carved their castles in the Scottsdale sky.
Far from the Snake Track far from the Billy Cock
Lies a sea of treasure for the ones who look.
Kept by the caring, trapped by your fears.
Will you show the children in their greening years?

"If only I had listened, if only I had known,
If only I'd not hungered for the hills of my home."
I've heard your daughters, I've seen your sons,

Drowning all their dreaming in the amber cans.
Kept by the caring, trapped by your fears,
Who will guide the children in their turning years?

The wind that moves the Man-ferns will tell a restless few,
Only whispered is the message that could carry them through.
"Build your own vision, keep that in sight,
Let that be your Home Crust for your dark (black) night."
But kept by the caring, trapped by their fears,
Again they are the children in their fading years.

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