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Having women truck drivers in the open cut mines seemed like progress toward sexual equality. However in 1988 it was only women who were married to mine workers who had any chance of such employment. The colour of the hard hats worn demonstrated the hierachy and the division of jobs.

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Moving Mountains

Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Faith can move mountains
So can Sue and Karoline,
They're helping move the mountains
At the Savage River Mine.

Hear the hissing of the slurry.
Hear the rattle of the ore,
As its heading up to Latta
Through the span’s narrow bore.

Euclid and Ten Yarders                         (names of huge truck types)
Seem like child's play
When you're sitting in the Big One          (biggest truck of all)
And the ground drops away.

Trouble with the engines
Keeps the Gypsy on the run                   (break-down truck)
While you're on 'beer garden',                (side flat top part of truck )
Just drinkin' up the sun.

Stories in the crib room,                         (lunch room)
The nick names and the jokes,
The cursing of the company,
The talk of other strikes.

Single or married man.
Can get a job like that,
But a woman only gets one
If she's married to a "hat".

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