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Trying to keep three kids under five quiet during a night shift worker's sleeping time in a climate with one of the highest rainfalls in the country, must be HELL.

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Shiftworker's Lullaby

Traditional: "Hush Little Baby", words Phyl Lobl

Hush little baby don't say a word,
Daddy's on shift work I hope he hasn't heard
That you found the cat's tail and gave it a pull,
Out came a cry like a wounded (Siamese) bull.

You found a bucket and in went your bricks,
Then you belted up the dustbin with your sister's hockey stick,
Emptied the Lego on the polished wooden floor,
Got your finger in the way of a closing door.

Found how to make the Cuckoo clock chime,
Damn ! There's the doorbell, "Brownie Bickie Time",
I settled that, you found another job,
Using the UP sign on the radio knob.

Had a little play on your sister's new recorder
I'm very fond of music but we really can't afford her
New enthusiasm for a proper drum kit
I fear what you'd do if you got to it.

Your daddy's eyes look permanently red,
So it's NO to the drums no more to be said.
On the other hand baby, what ever could be finer ?
It might help him decide he doesn't want to be a miner.

I know it might mean we could be very poor
But I wouldn't have to keep you quiet any more,
And maybe I'd see more of my man.
Here's the drum ,


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