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Hush 'n Joggetty

The material on this CD has deliberately been recorded unaccompanied for two reasons.

1. To encourage carers to learn and sing the songs to their charges themselves.
2. The songs can be used to provide a listening experience of pure melody for babies in order to give ‘on-pitch’ melodic input to the developing brain in the event that a carer has limited skill in this area.

Music education begins as soon as hearing develops in the womb. In the past this education continued through use of songs, rhymes and rhythmic play used naturally in a community for the purpose of calming or amusing babies.The loss of community and extended family situations has robbed many of today’s children of this early development. Few of today’s adults have knowledge of this material. Exposure to media sounds do little to develop melodic response.Clear high tones that a child can imitate do this. There is need for the body to experience rhythmic movement before these patterns too can be imitated with sound. Beside the value of carer-bonding these materials have a role to play in music education as well as the development of language and on to reading. Music helps to link parts of the brain which adds to learning advantage.

This material is Brain Food for Babies.

Phyl Lobl is a singer/songwriter/teacher with many years experience in these three fields.

This collection of material is one of several components which extend in a variety of directions a previously published music teaching kit called 'Not Just Noise'.The material includes

  1. Lullabies
  2. Dandling Songs
  3. Body Play Songs
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