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This song was written at the time when the Uranium Debate was raging. It may have quietened down but it still simmers in the minds of some in this country. As a child I saw rainbows in wet oil on the road and thought how something as grubby as oil created a rainbow, it seemed that Uranium offered a similar contradiction.

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Written & Sung by Phyl Lobl
Arranged and accompanied by Michael Roberts

The green light for yellow cake has people seeing red.
Some say it should stay in the ground instead.
Politicians argue and don't know what to do.
Green light for yellow cake, bound to cause a blue.

Purple for the bruises,
Scarlet for the blood.
Uranium's a rainbow
Shining in the mud.
Uranium’s a rainbow
Shining in the mud.

Some say that yellow cake could put us in the pink.
Whichever way we go its bound to cause a stink.
And you can't buy back with the silver or the gold,
A world fit to live in after it is sold.




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