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Written when my love was new. A time, which by the laws of science should seem lifetime away, but, by the laws of love, feels like yesterday.


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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

I found true love when springtime was turning,
We planted a wildflower in place of my thyme,
We lay in the stillness made by the loving,
Where thoughts need no reason and words need nor rhyme.

Love lie by me, I'll not tie thee,
but I'll show you the joys and the pleasures of love

Breezes find voices in green trees of summer,
There's songs to be found in the branches of love,
The birds in the green trees sing of the sunrise,
Rejoicing in blue skies but I’ll sing you love.

Love with its pleasures and love with its paining,
Sometimes will wither and oft times will cloy,
Hearts that are constant find grief at the sunset,
But memories of loving bring mornings of joy.

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