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(This music file contains the songs: Hills of Dorrigo, Hokey pokey, Diddle diddle dumpling, Ladies ride to market, To Market, Dance to your daddy)



Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

There was a little man long long ago
Who lived far away in the Hills of Dorrigo,
He had a little rabbit and he had a little cat
He had a little mouse in a big top hat.
'Squeak' said the rabbit, 'Mia-ow' said the cat.
'Ooops' said the man in the big top hat.

There was a little lady long ,long ago,
Who lived far away in the Hills of Dorrigo,
She had a singing kangaroo,a super-sonic bat,
A technocolour bunyip and a striped Numbat.
'Lah' sang the kangaroo, 'Zoom' went the bat,
'BOO' said the bunyip to the striped numbat.

(Hold child close and accentuate animal sounds. Allow child to slip a bit on 'Ooops' and 'Wizz' around for Zoom)




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