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(TUNE: ‘Daisy Daisy’)

They planned a festival down the coast
Nine-teen, healing ninety-one
Ernesto Murgo he worked the most
On Daisy the colourful cow.
Wire and paper and kids willing hands,
Skateboard to help her ‘mooove’.
Painted coat then of a clever design
And Daisy was ready to groove.

Daisy, Daisy, Kiama’s community Cow,
Striped or Paisley what colour is she now ?
The tourist camera angles,
Record her spots and (her) spangles,
We’d like the lot, so send your shot
Of our crazy, chameleon, cow.

Daisy rolled out as the months rolled on
Gaily, daily,
Many a group gave a bovine design
To Daisy the colourful cow.
Soon came the day that Ernesto said
‘Time now to do her in,
Her form no longer gives pleasure to me
Its the knackery or its the bin’.


The council they counselled as councils do
Noted, voted,
Offered a price to Ernesto too
And rescued that colourful cow.
All round the world towns are rolling out
Cows in the thor-ough-fares
Could Kiama’s Daisy have been the first
The one to inspire theirs?


After last chorus
(that crazy & comical,
true anatomical
coloured kaleidoscope cow)

The internet has sites that will give you the tune to sing along with.
Beware, here is an introduction.

Another slower version can be found at:


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