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Bronzewing is a term that means the opposite of Silvertail and it seems to be an apt analogy to partially answer an old question that still rages. 'What is a Folksong?'.

If I was asked to state the difference between commercial and folk songwriters it would be this – a commercial writer casts bread upon the waters and hopes to get back dough! A folk writer casts bread upon the water and hopes that someone else will digest it, with all the implications of the digestive process.

If Australia is to keep being as egalitarian as its National Anthem implies, the songs of Bronzewings will need to be heard louder and clearer throughout Oz. This is difficult as the Bronzewing Pigeon does not fly high, but it does have its feet and ear close to the ground so its up to others on the ground to keep the songs growing.

Phyl Lobyl

'Silvertail … a social – climber or society figure, contrasted with Coppertail or BRONZEWING which denote a Proletarian and refers to the Bronzewing Pigeon formerly found in large numbers in Australia.'
From 'The Australian Language' by Sydney Baker.


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