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I’ve never worked in a factory but when I sing or hear Colin Dryden’s song I feel as though I have. When I combined LP’s & EP on a retrospective CD 'Bronzewing’ I did not include the songs that I didn’t actually sing on the LP although I sang them often in performance.
The singing of Andy Saunders on the original LP is here.
VOCAL & GUITAR: Andy Saunders HARMONY: Phyl Lobl


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Colin Dryden

You wake up in the morning the sky's as black as night,
Your mother's shouting up the stairs you know she's winning the fight.
You stumble to the breakfast table and grab bite to eat,
Then its out the door & up the road and through the factory gate.

Turning steel how do you feel as in the chuck you spin?
If you felt like me you’d roll right out and never roll back in.

Cold and dark the morning as you squeeze in the gate
As you clock in, a bell will ring eight hours your fate.
Off comes the coat and up go the sleeves and it's right lads is the cry.
With one eye on the clock & t'other on your lathe you wish that time could fly.

But time can't fly as fast as a lathe and it's work you must,
The grinding, groaning, spinning metal the hot air and the dust
And its many's the time I'm with me girl & we're walking through the park.
Whilst gazing on the turning steel or the welders grinding spark.

Well Old Tom he left last week his final bell did ring,
His hair was white as the face beneath the oily sunken skin,
He made a speech and he said farewell to a lifetime working here
As I shook his hand I thought of hell at a lathe for forty years,

When my time comes as come it must then I will leave this place,
I'll walk right out past the charge hands dock and never turn me face
Out through the gates into the sun & I'll leave it all behind
With one regret for the lads I've left to carry on the grind.



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