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I learnt this song from Dick McEvoy an American, now an Australian citizen. The song gives us another musical influence and a contemporary attitude to relationships.
GUITAR: Dick McEvoy, Graham Seal; BASS Eric Gyors; HARMONICA: Geri Lobl


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Dick McEvoy

I didn’t say for ever you must have read that in,
I only said I love you and now that's wearin' thin.
I didn’t say forever, it's not like that at all,
I only said I need you and I did as I recall.
I didn't say forever, I didn't say forever.

I know there will be ceilings where I'll see you pretty face,
Smiling like it was another time, another place,
But time and place and circumstances, they're all like grains of sand, 
Gone forever once you've let them trickle through your hand,
I didn’t say forever, I didn’t say forever.

I won't ask you to forgive me as I'm sure you never will.
I just crave understanding and that may come harder still.
I didn’t say forever, now it's gone without a trace ,
Just think of me as memory in term of time and place.
I didn't say forever, I didn't say forever,
I didn't say forever, I didn't say forever.
Did I?




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