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Efforts of Aboriginal groups for self determination prompted the writing of this song.


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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

The dreamtime folk are stirring now and they have laid a claim
To a part of the land their fathers' roamed that carries their tribal name.
Where Vestey's cattle brands are scored, where stockmen's whips are cracked,
The dreamtime folk are holding out and there'll be no going back.

Will you fight will you dare?
Will you give will you care?
Will you help to mend wrong?
Will you stand up now the for the dreamtime folk
By joining their freedom song?

Where the muddy Murray waters pour, red tomatoes rule the weed,
And the dreamtime folk who planted them can see where their road could lead.
They could leave behind the pickers' huts, they could leave the fringe of the town.
They could take their place in this lucky land, if we let them then they can.

Do they have to reach some famous height before you'll let them grow?
Would you shelter first the tall gum tree or the spring flowers from the snow?
The plant is young but the plant will know and its fruit will sweeten the tongue
Of the dreamtime folk whose bitter bread has choked their freedom song.



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