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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

Come with me in my time machine
If you're bold and courageous,
We'll take a trip far back in time
And reach the pre-historic ages,
When the world was new, and fishes flew,
And animals grew enormous legs.

Oh I don't know if the Dino saw
But I know the Bronte-saur-us.
We will softly sing this song and not yell out the chorus.
If we do we might end up inside a Dip-lo-doc-us
He might be dim but inside him we'd need some hocus pocus
To get out, out, out of the Mesozoic age
That early history page when Dinosaurs raged
Back, back, back to our own Atomic age
With rocket ships and micro chips and TV.

What was that that shook the trees
And turned my knees to water
Perhaps it was Triceratops
Making something shorter
Stay close to me, in case we see
The Great Tyrannosaurus Rex.


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